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Subjects to be discussed in the EPRS conference 2021

   - COVID-19, Pediatric Perspectives.
   - Neuro- Psychiatric and Behavioral disturbances in Children at Times of    Great Threats.
   - Psychiatric and Behavioral profile of Asthmatic Children.
   - Bronchiectasis (cystic fibrosis and non-cystic fibrosis)
   - Parasitic Infestations of the Respiratory System.
   - Aero- digestive Disorders.
   - Bronchial Asthma in Pediatrics.
   - Transition Medicine for Children with Chronic Respiratory Diseases.
   - The Allergic Child.
   - Available Vaccines to Protect the Respiratory System.
   - Lower Respiratory Tract Infections.
   - Imaging Modalities in Pediatric Respiratory Disorders.

Workshop 1: Fiberoptic Evaluation of Swallowing.
Workshop 2: Pulmonary Function Testing in Children.

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